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Rolando Mclain would be the best pick for us, and if he's still at 11 (assuming worse case) then he must be a lock. He is a natural leader, made a captain as a freshman, and we've lacked that since Al Wilson left in the front seven. Having him there will allow DJ Williams to make plays, and will help other linebackers such as Woodyard in a similar way in substitution packages.
Terrence Cody dosent represent value in the top 20, especially considering hes a 2 down player at normal altitude (he weighed in at 370lbs).
CJ Spiller is a pretty poor suggestion. McDaniels has made some strange decisions but hes not stupid, if we draft a RB it will be a late round speed merchant to compliment Moreno.
If Marshall goes (which is looking less and less likely) then Dez Bryant may go, but again hes not great value at 11, acceptable though.
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