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Default 53 man roster!

Thought I'd start a new thread here to air our views on the named 53 man roster.

Bobbie Williams is out for 4 weeks due to substance abuse which is a real setback. A real shame to see Evans go at LB. I thought he looked good against the Colts and looked good on special teams too. I don't think he'll clear waivers to be able to go onto the practice squad, he'll be picked up.
Bengals go with five backs which is great cos Peerman had a great pre-season finalé and Pressley I thought blocked very well and certainly deserves to be the starting FB. I thought he was better than Fui Vakkapuna when Hard Knocks aired and was hard done by then....

Is it me or does the CB lineup look thin even with Pacman on PuP?

.... Hold on Jeromy Miles????? How did he make the cut... he played terribly in the pre-season. Hopefully they are just keeping him on the roster till they find someone better from other people's cuts!

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