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Originally Posted by Slidey77 View Post
How does everyone think it worked out for us so far?

I was in favour in the Green-Dalton combo but it is still too early to say "I told you so." Green looks like a star and while Dalton hasn't been spectacular has has shown great leadership and poise in the victories we have.

It pretty much looks that the top 5 or 6 players will be excellent players. In fact the top 5 players drafted colud all be superstars.

It is too early to judge the rest of the draft but it is good to see Moch back in full training.
It's worked out well so far, and if it continues then I'll gladly admit I was wrong to be so critical of the drafting of Dalton. He looks competent, which is as much as you can ask from a second round pick thrust into the lineup without a training camp.

AJ Green looks like a stud, he has best-in-the-league potential.
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