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Originally Posted by pozbaird View Post
Answered this before, but here goes. Up until 2009 I didn't support an NFL team, just loved the sport. I had done stadium tours of the pre-Katrina Louisiana Superdome and the old Texas Stadium. I had been to one game in the USA - Redskins v Cowboys at FedEx Field, and had been to Scottish Claymores games in NFL Europe.

My wife and I have been going on holiday to different US cities for 15 years. In 2009, we visited Denver for the first time, and went to Invesco Field (as it was then) to do the tour. Previous tours in New Orleans and Dallas had been good, but somewhat impersonal. At Denver, it was out of season, midweek, and not at the height of the tourist season. The tour consisted of three people. My wife and I, and a US soldier from California, who was a Broncos fan going home after a tour of duty in Iraq. He was in desert combat fatigues, had his belongings in a huge rucksack, and had taken a flight to Denver en-route to California just to do the stadium tour.

On hearing his story, the Broncos tour staff told him the tour was on the house, no charge. They also said that to try and thank him for his service, they would take us into places that were normally off-limits for tour visitors. I thought the staff were superb - they made this guy's day. Also, towards my wife and I, they were very friendly, and were interested in hearing about Scotland, and took a genuine interest in where we were from, and made us feel very welcome.

During our week in Denver, it was noticeable just how friendly people were towards us. We have received a warm welcome everywhere in the US, but in Denver, the people were really, really friendly and chatty when they heard our accents.

Due to the impression the people in Denver made on us, we adopted the Broncos as our team. We saw them at Wembley against the 49ers.

Last year, we added to our stadium tours when we did the new Cowboys stadium tour. From the outside, it looks like the greatest stadium on earth. Inside, it's not impressive at all. Jerry's Gin Palace - and the scoreboard is a joke. It is so big it is actually funny. Wembley is a far better, true sporting arena. Jerry's Gin Palace is for drinking beer, eating hot dogs, and watching a big TV.

Anyway, that's how I became a Broncos fan. Just goes to show that first impressions count, and the Broncos staff, and the people of Denver made a lasting impression on us.
WOW!!!! sounds like you have had some fantastic holidays, and visited some great stadiums, i am actually very jealous of you.. lol. from your story i can totally understand why you now follow the Bronco's. Thank you for taking the time to reply!!
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