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Originally Posted by hulmerist View Post
okay i'll bite

buggy android? jellybean is an incredible iteration of android, it's beautiful and fast

there's no excuse to not treat it as an equal to ios, some android phones are more powerful than ios devices so there should be the option to stream in the same bitrates

can't help feeling that it's being artificially held back for some reason
I'm glad you did and not me, I'd hate to go through the usual specs of how they match up. Apple is not significantly better at all and as pointed out, both can support decent HD streaming (as proved by the 2 ipads in my house, the android run tablet, friends iphone, my htc one X using various HD streaming media)

I'm sensing some sort of corporate intervention. Now, as it is not made clear when purchasing gamepass i'm left to wonder where fair trade practice comes in and where android users are advised of the lower, unjustified quality.
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