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It's gonna be a big free agency for us. Decker and Moreno are nailed on to leave. I think we keep Phillips and Beadles. At the start of the season if you asked me whether we'd sign Woodyard I would have said definitely but he was only a bit part player for the 2nd half of the season and i'm sure a team will get him as a starter. DRC will get a good offer from us and I hope he stays. Ayers and Dreesen to go. Champ will restructure I think. He only has 1 year left in the league I think and he'd want to finish his career in Denver.
It seems like our mindset is wait for players to get offers and either match them or get close to matching them and hope they choose to stay to go for a Superbowl.

Replace Decker in the draft, maybe a 2nd/3rd rounder. I think we'll get a middle linebacker in FA. Draft a pass rusher in the 1st and a corner in the 2nd/3rd.
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