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Step 1 is almost upon us.

The closer the first game gets, the less I'm worrying about their pass rush, and the more i'm worry about them stuffing the ru.....................actually, no I'm not. If the Lions stop DeMarco, it's going to take at least 7 defenders in the box to do it, which should leave ample room for Dez, TW, Beasley and Witten to win us the game (obviously with help from Romo).

If our defence can help to cause, or take advantage of, a couple of Stafford mistakes, then our offence should put up too many points for the Lions to keep up. The Lions D has been good, but what's the best O line they have faced? The Jets? The Pats? The Cards? None of those have been as vaunted as our line has been this year. If the Lions had mauled a line like the Eagles, or even the Browns, I might be more worried, but they haven't.
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