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Originally Posted by HSTDriver View Post
I agree the game is a waste of time. No argument at all.

However I have yet to ever see a single suggestion of what could replace it, thus attracting all important revenue stream for the league, honouring the players who have excelled at their positions throughout the year (or been voted in on the strength of their name!) and actually amuse a televised audience as much as a game of football does. (even a nonsense game of football like this one)

QB Drills and skill tests are all well and good, but they're not primetime entertainment, lets be honest.
I wonder how much revenue it actually brings? If it continues the way it has, then surely interest will wain even further. I think most would agree, just get rid of it.

With the Shrine Game/Senior Bowl coverage growing, the whole pre/post SuperBowl fanfare, and then FA and even more draft analysis, surely the NFL could fill their air time with that.
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