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Originally Posted by lee harris 10 View Post
bit lost on why the Brexit MEP's turned there back today for the EU anthem,if they want to be taken seriously and maybe get involved in talks down the line cheap stunts wont build bridges.

also the Lib Dem MEP's need a talking too.
They were both cheap stunts but, you wont be surprised to hear, I think the Brexit Party peoples was the worse of the two. Presumably these anti EU people are donating their salaries to charity or maybe not taking them at all? I mean that'd be a better protest wouldn't it? How about just not turning up? Or, better yet, why not use your position to force the changes you want to see in the EU, dare I say it, democratically?

Mooning 'Ode to Joy', I ask you...

In other news it looks like Jeremy Hunt is in a bit of a pickle? 6 billion put aside to bail out the farming and fishing industries? If we can bail out the banks, then why not other sectors says Mr Hunt.

But weren't we taking back control of our waters Jeremy? Wasn't Brexit a GOOD thing for fishing? If so, why will they need financial support from the Government? I mean I don't know if you ever talked about it but others certainly did:

Meanwhile Boris's new policy is to look at repealing the Sugar Tax:

This is Boris in 2015:

"We have more obese adults than we have normally proportioned human beings and that is a quite extraordinary state of affairs. It’s a massive health risk. It’s a matter of social justice. Overwhelmingly the people who will be most affected by an obesity problem will be those on the lowest incomes. That’s why I’m thinking about sugar taxes and whether London should be leading on that."

You probably won't be massively surprised to hear that Boris is now advised by a guy called Will Waldren who, in his capacity as Executive Director at communications firm Edelman, happens to represent Coca Cola?

And that was just yesterdays crazy contradictions?! Only in Brexit Britain....

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