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Originally Posted by lee harris 10 View Post
so the high court has released the full ruling in the Boris Johnson case and its ouch for the district judge who really had no reason allowing this garbage to proceed and also rips Marcus Ball.
Really? Not quite my reading of it?

This is what Lady Justice Rafferty said:

"The problem of false statements in the course of political campaigning is not new and has not been overlooked by parliament. For at least the last 120 or so years parliament has legislated to control certain false campaign statements which it considers an illegal practice.”


"there would have been no complaint (if Mr Johnson had used a figure of)£350 million per week gross, or £250 million per week net"

So, it would seem, the Judge was happy to conclude that Boris's statements were, at least, false? What she expects is that the public has access to publicly available statistics and could therefore come to their own conclusions regarding the veracity of statements made by politicians.

If only....

To be fair to you they also concluded that Marcus Ball was politically motivated, like that was ever in doubt, but, so what? As Thomas Mann said, "everything is political". The history of the law is littered with politically motivated precedents. Does Mr Balls motivation actually change the central point of his case? That Boris lied (or at the very least was deliberately disingenuous) about the 350 million? Isn't it now accepted history that that is exactly what he did?

I'm not sure her ruling counts as ripping? Could that adjective be used to describe any legal ruling about anything? Ever?

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