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[quote author=Smeknamn link=board=2;threadid=35234;start=15#msg946776 date=1220881390]
[quote author=UKColts link=board=2;threadid=35234;start=15#msg946727 date=1220879302]If their red button games are 4:3 only they can broadcast them in 16:9 frame with black bars or animated or mirror effect 'curtains'' down the sides (like they've done before for other sports).[/quote]

Thank goodness they do not. If you want to see black bars on the sides then press the appropriate button on your remote control. That choice already exists, it should not be up to Sky to force viewers with widescreen TVs to watch it that way when they may prefer to see it stretched, justified, or cropped.

The only time Sky (or anyone else) shows content in that fashion is when they are showing 4:3 content within a programme that is natively in widescreen. There the only alternative is to crop the footage to fit, but this is rarely done for obvious reasons.


I do always alter my tv to watch them in the correct aspect point was that if they only had widescreen feeds for say the 2 main games they should use them even if it means the red button games have to be shown with sidebars (unless they can have a mixture of aspect ratios on interactive?). Obviously this isn't an issue for SNF/MNF when there is just one game.
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