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[quote author=Kase link=board=2;threadid=35234;start=15#msg947004 date=1220892769]
[quote author=RAIDER12 link=board=2;threadid=35234;start=0#msg946678 date=1220876329]
Scratching my head on this one. My HD tv is fine and teh players don't look short and fat. Just glad I am not technologicaly advanced.


mine looks fine aswell. Prehaps not reading the other posts :-\

Isn't it advertised with the W on the Sky EPG?? Why do have the W for widescreen if it's not?

Has anyone actually emailed Sky about this?

It's only shown as W on the HD channels as (I think) technically all broadcasts are widescreen because they are shown in HD (1920x1080) even though source may be 4:3 SD they are upscaled to HD resolution.

As for not looking fat try next Sunday (not tonight as it's HD) changing your tv to 4:3 (bars down each side) and you'll how see the players should look!

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