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Originally Posted by jack1 View Post
I would hope it isn't about that, and it is more about giving people the tools to suceed.

The reason the two can't work together is because for example say I was a sucesful lawyer who had spent his whole life working to get to this position, why on earth should I fund someone who has no intention of working and has spent his whole life doing no work?

That surely can't be a fair system.
I appreciate your point (and do apologise for the cocky tone earlier, just woke up from nights grouchy), but your point it confused.

You are confusing the lame & lazy with the hard working low earners. There are millions who slog their guts out day in day out who earn a pittance for doing so with little prospect for significantly increasing their earnings through no fault of their own. Not everyone have the means or opportunity to further themselves through university etc.

Now if you are talking about people who have no intention of working - I have no problem with stopping any form of benefits for people who make no effort to contribute to society.
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