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Personally on the subject of tax I think that the overall tax gathered is probably about right but should be gathered from other sources such as increasing the taxes on cigarettes and alcohol and slightly reducing on more essential products. I go out most weekends and would have no qualms about paying more for alcohol because its my choice to drink. I don't smoke but again that is all by choice and in turn the increase in taxes on these people would help the NHs (not massively maybe but every little helps).

As for the financial crisis I don't think Labour have done too bad a job with the banks etc - it does however greatly scare me that Osbourne may be let loose as chancellor come 9 months, the man is an idiot.

The other political issue of the moment that I'm angry about is the Trident subs. On the larger scale of things the savings are minimal and to be honest I'd rather have the extra sub for the price. One area I don't believe you can cut corners are the armed forces.

I'd also say that there is a great need to streamline the NHS and police. Get rid of all the tiers of management and community support officers, and get more standard nurses and officers

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