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Originally Posted by goodkarma84 View Post
i'm not sure of the formation on those carries and if that played apart but Penny had a long run which helped.

it seemed to be there plan to stick with the run no matter what.

i think they are also trying to be too clever, i think the best hope might be to just smash it at the group of players and hope it goes your way.

maybe last night it was just trying to hit it up high with no distance and hoped to get players under it but fluffed it.
maybe the fact the Seahawks where always in this and not down heavy meant getting away from there game plan would have been a mistake but the Cowboys just couldn't cover down field and getting the ball in Wilsons hands with Lockette/Baldwin was working better than just running when Carson wasn't doing much.

thinking ahead the Cowboys playing the Saints again and the Bears winning tonight and going to LA sets up two great match ups.
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