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20Mbps is a very nice speed! Do you have a Sky Fibre connection? The bandwidth taken up by your "idle" Sky box isn't going to be an issue as Game Pass only needs 5Mbps for the highest quality feed. Obviously you're not going to experience any performance issues related to the speed of your broadband.

I'd still be interested to see if speedtest registers a change when you disconnect your Sky box from your broadband connection. There may be Sky customers out there with similar broadband speeds to mine (less than 5Mbps). When I check my postcode on the Sky website, they tell me they can offer "7.0 - 14.3 Mbps".
What does it say for yours?

While you are busy defending Sky in your darkened room , I can assure you I'm not Sky-bashing intentionally. Just wondering whether this is something that all set-top boxes are guilty of.
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