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God i felt crap yesterday,hungover and down after the defeat,it amazes me how bad i feel after the Packers get beat to say i've never seen them play and am basically just and armchair fan.

Anyway our playoff chances look alot slimmer with the Giants winning last night.

All we can hope for now is for the Bears to choke,big time. But the Vikings and Jests both look beatable for them which leaves us clutching at straws a bit.

This weekend could probably decide if we are going to make it. If we loose and the Bears win i'd say we are out of contention.

Jenkins looks like he's done for the season now which doesn't help and we won't know if Rodgers will play untill later in the week,even if he is cleared i'm not sure he'll be at the top of his game, after his last concussion against the Redskins he still looked shaky the week after against the Dolphins.

Its a shame our season could be ended this weekend because i think the team has battled hard up untill the Lions game and is still good enough to take any team on. The character of the team will be really tested on Sunday,lets see if it can bounce back
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