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Originally Posted by Kingsley2003 View Post
im in a bit of a pickle, i really dont know which shirt to go for.

on the europe nfl shop, they have a nike holmes away jersey for £40 + like £3 shipping.

on the main nfl shop, they have a limited nike tebow home jersey for $39, shipping will cost $24.95 which makes it about $65 and thats like £40 too. Would you say get the limited one? dont want to be laughed at with tebow on my shirt after his debacle year with us LOL.

If you go for the Limited you will need to add an extra £20-£25 for Import VAT and brokers fees (you might get away without paying it - but factor it in anyway). A limited jersey for £65 is still a good deal - they are normally around £115. Then you have to consider if you actually want a Tebow jersey!!! (that's why it's cheap).

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