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SaintsFan29 I can understand how you feel, but you're looking at this all wrong. Now is the time our team needs our support the most.

I'm going to be renewing my GamePass subscription next season because 1) I F'N hate Sky! And 2) I love my Saints, and come hell or high water I'll put down my money to watch my team every week, Sure I'm annoyed about Goodell's decision (although that's more about letting WiIliams and other teams off too lightly than anything else!) but my team mean too much to me for not paying to watch to be an option.

I won't be going to the IS game this year either, but that's just because I hate Brady and it'll be a walkover. If the game is a great one then I'm happy to pay to go. It's important that we push for more NFL events here, not less, or we as a country will become even more marginalised in relation to the game we love.

Providing they're still playing for us at the start of the season I'll be in a new Graham or Sproles jersey. Showing our colours is important, and the best way we have of giving the finger to everyone complaining that we didn't get hit hard enough.

I understand you frustration, but now is the time for unity and support of our Saints. Don't let the ******* commissioner grind you down.
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