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Originally Posted by saintsfan29 View Post
You're joking right? I doubt the NFL will miss your money much, and I doubt many other people will boycott anything to do with the NFL just because of your reactions.

Goodell was well within his rights to ban Payton, and the others, and punish the franchise (draft picks etc). The defense were being paid extra to end peoples careers. Don't think it was right?

Did you not watch the 2009 game versus the Vikings? Those hits on Favre were unacceptable. I'll always remember that game - I remember Favre when he played the broncos in superbowl 32 (the first game I watched) and for someone to try and destroy his career (and possibly his way of life after football) for $10,000 is horrendous. Spectators were horried by some of the tackles / hits...

The players are lucky he can't take their superbowl rings off them, as after all this has come out - I don't think they deserve them. You might be the champs on paper, but definitely not the "wholesome" team that everyone thought you were before this.

How is Goodell ruining the game by trying to protect the players? The NFL is being sued all the time for guys with head injuries now, why shouldn't he ban people who were trying to end other players careers on purpose?

If you aren't good enough to win without cheating, you aren't good enough to win, and don't deserve the respect of the other teams.

Personally, I think you guys got off lightly.
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