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Capital One Bowl – LSU vs Penn State


Trindon Holliday – RB/returner - Holliday was featured much more than he has been this season. He looks very dangerous as a returner and can turn the corner as a RB. His size is clearly a concern, but could find a spot as a returner and occasional threat in the backfield.

Brandon LaFell – WR – I’ve not been high on LaFell this season as he’s had two or three drops in every game I’ve seen – but in this one he only dropped one low swing pass. He showed the reason he’s so highly rated with his athletic ability – looking fast for a bigger receiver. He does, however, catch the ball in his body too much and on his TD reception, he made an effort to catch with his hands away from his body but bobbled the ball before securing. Overall an excellent athlete with questionable hands.

Ciron Black – OT – the heavy field really made Black look very heavy footed as he looked slow and deliberate setting up in pass protection. However, once he gets his hands on his man, then it’s over. He looks to have long arms and is powerful. He looks a Flozell Adams type – he may be a RT, but with those long arms, he might get by for some teams at LT.

Rahim Alem – DE – Alem struggled big time in this game as he was dominated by Dennis Landolt and even had problems when he had a TE over him. His athletic ability will give him a shot, but he doesn’t do enough for me.

Al Woods – DT – Woods had some good moments against the run – showing quickness off the ball, some strength to drive his man back and ability to get off blocks and make plays. He was quieter as a pass rusher, but he has ability and I think can contribute on 1st and 2nd down.

Perry Riley – OLB – Riley had a good game – he reads the game well, looks athletic enough and is also to get off blocks and make plays. He gets nice and low and gets under his blocker. He has good size and can hit and looks like a good prospect.

Penn State

Daryll Clark – QB – Clark at times look like a very good prospect – he has a decent arm and can put good zip on his passes. He also has touch and can throw the zone pass – over the LB and in front of the DB very effectively. He can move and also can make plays when rolling out. However, he has too many break downs where he tries to make a play rather than throwing the ball away and he needs to get out of that to have a chance as an NFL QB. NFL Europe would have been perfect for him.

Andrew Quarless – TE – Quarless had an excellent game – he didn’t seem to get slowed up by the field condition and looked faster than those attempting to cover him. He caught the majority of his passes with his hands away from his body. As a blocker he was able to seal the edge effectively and delivered a really nice hit on a LB. Has good size and looks like a good prospect.

Mickey Shuler – TE – didn’t start, but saw plenty of action. Used only as a blocker in this one – where he looks good. Used in pass protection some against Alem and dominated. Against the run was able to seal and also drive. From previous games, he is a reliable short range receiver who’ll be a late round/free agent type – but could be ideal for a team who runs lots of 2 TE sets, as Penn State do.

Dennis Landolt – OT – Landolt was able to control Alem all day. His technique wasn’t the best as he was bending at the waist rather. Dominating a draftable prospect will help him, but from previous games, I don’t know if he’s athletic enough to play tackle, so might need to move inside.

Jared Odrick – DT – Odrick looks a top prospect. He is quick off the ball and can get penetrate effectively. He has a spin move and swim move – and also has good hand use to get off blocks. He made several plays in this one against run and pass and looks to be a solid first round prospect.

Sean Lee – OLB – Lee has had a stop start recovery from his knee injury, but hopefully is over the problem now and can move forward. Lee is very good in coverage – being tight to his man and showing he has a break on the ball. He was quieter than usual in the run game, but he was playing off a little. His knee is the biggest question – could be used as a 3-4 ILB as well as a 4-3 OLB.

Josh Hull – MLB – Hull is a smart player – on one play, he moved himself to the left a little right before the snap and the play came right at him – he was able to make the tackle for no gain – that shows he’s a student of the game. He made several tackles and showed he can get off blocks. I’m not sure what 40 time he will run, but his football intelligence will effectively knock a little off that. I can see him as a strong special teams player at minimum.

Jeremy Boone – P – didn’t have a strong day. Had a punt partially blocked and also had several opportunities to down punts inside the 20, but all ended up as touchbacks. Free agent type on this evidence.

Cotton Bowl – Mississippi vs Oklahoma State


Shay Hodge – WR – Hodge flashed some nice run after the catch ability in this one, but did have a couple of drops. He has good size and speed, but has been inconsistent this season – but has played better as the season has gone on. He does make some catches with his hands away from his body, but his hands aren’t natural.

Dexter McCluster – RB/WR – McCluster again showed his break away ability with a long run for a TD and several other exciting runs. He’s fast in the open field, but also quick to change direction. Likes to finish his runs – is tough for his size. His size and thus durability will drop him in the draft, but his speed excites.

John Jerry – OG – Jerry is a big man and can dominate. However, his technique does let him down as he is a heavy waist bender – this leads to him releasing his blocks sooner than he should. If he can work on knee bend, it will make him a more effective player. As it is, he might be limited to a backup or occasional starter.

Greg Hardy – DE – for the second season in a row, Hardy has had problems staying healthy, but he saw some time in this one. In limited action, he looked quick off the ball and indeed hit the QB as the threw one time when he stood up as an OLB. When healthy he looks exciting – but being injured much of the past two seasons is a real cause for concern.

Kendrick Lewis – FS – Lewis is one of the best special teams coverage players in this Draft – he made two special teams tackles in this one. On defense he had two interceptions – both on the sideline, showing good range. One was a poor throw right to him, but the other was a nice read and break on the ball. He also broke up a pass when he hit the receiver as the ball arrived forcing the incompletion. Overall, I really like Lewis.

Joshua Shene – PK – Shene had a poor day and doesn’t look like he’ll get drafted. His two field goals were no good – of 38 and 41 yards. His leg looks good, but his accuracy isn’t so much.

Oklahoma State

Zac Robinson – QB – Robinson isn’t someone who has impressed me in previous outings and I thought he really struggled in this one. His accuracy was way off and he forced some balls unwisely on too many occasions. He could still stand a chance as he’s a good athlete, but not a pro QB for me.

Keith Toston – RB – Toston was back behind Hunter in this one and did OK in limited action. He runs with decent body lean and caught a pass comfortably out of the backfield – but generally tough to really take much from so few touches.

Russell Okung – OT – Okung again looked like a fine prospect. He has good technique and strength – can drive block, but also get to the second level and engage. He sets up quickly in pass protection and has good knee bend and arm extention. Overall he dominated, but was beaten outside one time by Greg Hardy – it’s a shame Hardy wasn’t in the game more, so we could have seen a top matchup.

Andrew Lewis – OC – Lewis looked good in pass protection, with good knee bend and arm extension. He sets up nice and quickly and did well. His run blocking is good – but I feel he needs to get a little stronger to finish his blocks. Looks a solid prospect.

Andre Sexton – OLB – Sexton had an active game – he had two interceptions and blew up a number of plays – reading screens and swing passes quickly and showing good speed to get in position to make the play. He’s a little undersized, but could start out on teams and as a nickel LB type.

Patrick Lavine – OLB – Lavine made several tackles, including a nice open field one on McCluster. He showed a nice quick move on his blitz, getting to the QB as he threw. He’s listed size is a little bigger than Sexton – but they are both very active players who have a decent shot.

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