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Liberty Bowl – Arkansas vs East Carolina

Really, East Carolina should have won this one – but another nice example of good football outside the BCS conferences in a C-USA team and why I would like to see more of it on TV in the UK.


Mitch Petrus – OG – Petrus looks like a very good prospect when he plays in a phone booth. He does struggle more with quickness as his feet aren’t that quick. He looks quite dominant at times – he has excellent arm extension and hand placement and once he locks on, it’s all over. He’s aggressive and will finish his blocks. Still an interesting prospect.

Malcolm Sheppard – DT – Sheppard does a good job of getting off blocks, using a nice spin move a fair bit to do so. He’s not as good as a pass rusher, but he can use the spin move well. He’s perhaps a little too reliant on this move – I’d like to see different moves from him, which will come with time. He’s a good prospect he will need some work, but he has the tools.

East Carolina

Sean Allen – C – I really like Allen as a prospect and I was impressed by him once again in this one. He shows ability to get to the second level and make his blocks – as well as being able to square up and seal in close quarters. He’s also solid in pass protection, he gets his arms extended and locks his man up nicely. I really like him as a Day Three value type pick who could surprise.

C.J. Wilson – DE – Wilson had a fairly quiet game – he showed he can get some push with his pass rush, getting underneath his man – but didn’t show anything outside. He also struggled against the run rather.

Jay Ross – DT – Ross is another ECU player who I have been impressed by previously and he again impressed. He shows good stregth – driving his man right back into the RB on a run play – but also has a nice burst off the ball, penetrating on several occasions. He has a nice swim move and can also move laterally and get off blocks. Like Allen I haven’t seen him rated that highly, so he could be good value for someone later in the draft.

Van Eskridge – S – Eskridge generally looked good – he can deliver the big hit, but also gets himself into good positions to do so. He’s very active against the run. However, he did let a WR get behind him for a deep TD, where he got turned around on the play. I still like him overall, though.

Matt Dodge – P – Dodge got a little fortunate with a couple of nice bounces – but did have a punt partially blocked, which ended up going only 6 yards. He did have a nice high 50 yard punt and one punt to the Arkansas 12 yard line, but a bit of a mixed bag overall.

Alamo Bowl – Michigan State vs Texas Tech

Michigan State

Blair White – WR – White showed he can get open with some nice double moves – he’s very quick coming out of his cuts. He generally catches the ball in his body, which is a negative – but he might be someone who can play as a slot receiver with his quickness.

Brett Swenson – PK – had a 52 yard field goal blocked and also had a kick off go out of bounds – but otherwise looked good. His 44 yard field goal was comfortably good and his other kick offs were deep. He’s not a top kicker who might go in round 4, but is draftable.

Texas Tech

Brandon Carter – OG – Carter has a big reputation with his hair and war paint – but I feel it’s a little bigger than his prospects as a pro. He’s very aggressive – but his biggest problem is that he doesn’t move his feet that well, so doesn’t get square and thus releases his blocks too soon. He also is very tall for a Guard – so people tend to get under him and indeed on one occasion he was pushed on his backside by his man. I generally love aggressive O-Lineman, but his technique and height make me not his biggest fan.

Brandon Sharpe – DE – extremely quick off the ball – had numerous QB pressures – mainly with his outside speed move, but also one time with an inside move. Will need to show more moves at the next level. Flashed ability to get off blocks in the run game. Reminds me a bit of Keyunta Dawson when he was coming out of Texas Tech. Has the burst off the edge, but will need to learn to play in space.

Jamar Wall – CB – Wall is an aggressive corner, who can get a nice bump on his man. This lead to his interception as he threw off the timing of the route and had the ball thrown right at him. He was beaten deep on a double move and also lost outside contain on a kick return, but flashed some ability.

Fiesta Bowl – Boise State vs TCU

Boise State

Kyle Wilson – CB – I wasn’t as impressed with Wilson as I was earlier in the season. He was giving his man too much of a cushion, which didn’t seem to work for him as he gave up quite a few catches in front of him and missed a couple of tackles when he came up after the catch. He did make a nice play on a deep ball, but overall I didn’t think it was his best game.


Marshall Newhouse – OG – Newhouse played OLT, but looks like a pro guard as he’s not that tall or quick. He bends at the waist too much, but that might be because he struggled with the egde speed. He did flash some drive blocking ability, but overall I thought he struggled some.

Jerry Hughes – DE – Hughes is an explosive pass rusher. He turned the corner on numerous occasions and one time had a superb play, where he came off the ball slowly – diagnosed the play and then just flew past his man to the QB. He looked good standing up as well as with his hand down – although at 248, he looks to be more of a 3-4 OLB. He flashed ability against the run – he has a nice spin move, but did struggle at times to get off his block. Looks a good prospect – will need to learn to play in space.

Daryl Washington – MLB – Washington diagnoses plays quickly and has good speed to get to the hole and make the play before he can be blocked. He did this several times against swing passes and screens. He struggled a little more getting off blocks, but was able to do so on a couple of occasions. Might be a WOLB until he can bulk up a little.

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