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Orange Bowl – Georgia Tech vs Iowa

Georgia Tech

Cord Howard – OG – Howard stayed on his feet a little more than when I’ve seen him previously. He looks like he needs to get stronger as he doesn’t lock on and drive and released his blocks a little too early. Late round type for me.


Tony Moeaki – TE – I thought Moeaki had a solid game. He made a couple of nice passes with soft hands and showed excellent run after the catch ability on his short catch he turned into a 50 yard gain. As a blocker he’s not the best, but he does have a good frame and would hope he can develop.

Kyle Calloway – OG/OT – interestingly Calloway was moved inside to Guard in this one, which is a shame as I was looking forward to his matchup with Tech’s Derrick Morgan. However, it did give us a chance to see Calloway inside and overall I would say I prefer him at RT. Inside he was pushed back into the backfield on quite a few occasions as his man got under him and won the leverage battle. At 6’7”, inside it’s tough for him to get under a shorter DT. His technique generally looks good and he did win his fair share of battles, but overall I think he’s more of a T than G.

A.J. Edds – OLB – quite tricky to judge Edds as he was playing assignment football against the option and when you don’t know his assignment you can’t really judge him. Once again he showed his coverage ability, getting a nice pick and also made a fair few tackles. I really like him as a prospect.

Pat Angerer – MLB – Angerer seemed to be the free man and thus was able to fly around a little more than Edds was able to. Angerer did a good job all day of getting through traffic and off blocks and made several tackles. He looks to be the best of the second tier of MLB prospects.

GMAC Bowl – Central Michigan vs Troy

Central Michigan

Dan LeFevour – QB – LeFevour has a nice quick release and a decent enough arm, able to thread the needle, although his arm isn’t over powering – his deep balls tended to be under thrown a touch. He has good touch and throws a catchable ball. He can hang in the pocket and deliver the pass, but is also mobile enough to get out of trouble when necessary. I wouldn’t say he’s a top prospect, but I would certainly think he has a chance to develop down the road as long as he’s not asked to throw the deep ball too often.

Bryan Anderson – WR – although Anderson doesn’t have top end speed (he was unable to run through a deep pass one time) he looks like he will be a reliable possession receiver at the next level. His hands are generally good – he catches the ball away from his body and made a nice catch of a low ball, where he was able to get his hands under nicely. I would have liked to have seen him track down the deep ball which hit him in the helmet, but overall I came away with a positive impression of him.

Andrew Aguila – PK – Aguila’s first field goal attempt of the day was one to forget – but otherwise he was perfect – including the game winner in overtime. He looks to have a decent leg on his field goals. His kick offs were fairly short though, which downgrades him.


Levi Brown – QB – the main thing that struck me about Brown was his footwork. Most spread QB’s maybe take a step back, but generally there is little footwork. However with Brown – he gets the snap and then drops back a few steps with traditional type footwork, which is a nice positive for him. His arm is a little stronger than LeFevour’s I feel, over throwing a deep ball and showing good zip on his passes. His accuracy is off a little at times, but he has touch and throws a nice ball. He’s mobile enough to buy time in the pocket. Not much between him and LeFevour I felt – both impressed.

Brandon Lang – DE – Lang is rated as a first round prospect, but I was very disappointed with his performance in this one. He made a couple of nice plays in space, but didn’t show a real burst off the ball and didn’t get much in the way of a pass rush. Didn’t show up enough to warrant a first round pick on him.

Cameron Sheffield – DE/OLB – Sheffield at listed at 238 lbs, so is a LB pro prospect. He had a much better game than Lang – getting a sack and a couple of other QB pressures with a nice outside burst and also a quick inside move. He made a couple of plays in the run game – but peeled back off his blocks, rather than sliding off. Looks to have some ability, but will need to learn to play in space.

Boris Lee – MLB – showed some athletic ability to beat his man to the hole and make the tackle, but struggled more to get off blocks and make plays. Listed at 232 lbs, might be viewed as a WOLB rather than a MLB at the next level.

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