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National Championship Game – Alabama vs Texas


Colin Peek – TE – Peek wasn’t used as a receiver and struggled a little as a blocker – giving up a sack in pass protection. He’s not over powering as a blocker – but does seal the edge well enough. Having seen him a number of times, I think he might struggle to make it at the next level and looks to be a later round/free agent type.

Drew Davis – OT – I thought Davis struggled somewhat in this one. He made a poor read on one play – moving inside to engage a D-Line (who the G was also engaging) leaving a LB unblocked to make a play. He struggled against edge speed, but did make every effort to turn his man up.

Mike Johnson – OG – at times Johnson looked like a top prospect as he dominated his man, showing ability to get to the second level and drive, as well as squaring up and dominating inside. However, he did have some breakdowns and thus overall an inconsistent game. Once again he left his feet too much – one time completely missing a cut block, sending his man free to make the play – as well as lacking strength at times and getting thrown off. If he can get stronger and stay on his feet I think he can be a good player – but he’s not the finished product right now.

Brandon Deaderick – DT/DE – mainly played DT in Alabama’s 4 man fronts. Made once nice play getting under his man and blowing up the play in the backfield – but otherwise was quiet.

Terrance Cody – NT – Cody wasn’t in the game very much in the second half as Texas were mainly throwing the football. He was able to make a couple of plays in the first half against the run – one time throwing off his man and making the tackle. Clearly is a run stopper only and unless he can lose some weight between now and the combine, I would say late first/early second at the earliest.

Javier Arenas – CB – it was nice to see Arenas tested a little more in this one, the result being a mixed bag. He made a nice interception and also had tight coverage on a couple of other occasions, but was beaten badly on a double move – he did recover to attempt the tackle, but missed it. He also missed another tackle in the run game. Has speed, but is undersized and thus will need to show a good 40 time and vertical jump at the combine.

Justin Woodall – S – I must admit, I’ve not been impressed by Woodall over the course of the season and he did nothing in this one to change my mind. He was fairly quiet, but did take a bad angle on one play and miss the tackle as a result.

Leigh Tiffin – PK – Tiffin continues to lack consistency and that’s a real concern if he’s to hold down a job at the next level. He was given the chance to impress with a 52 yarder, but missed it – he also missed a PAT – not the first one this year. I’d bring him in to challenge someone in camp, but wouldn’t like to rely on him.

P.J. Fitzgerald – P – didn’t out kick his coverage and give Shipley a chance to return much – nice high coverage kicks that averaged out in the low 40’s. Nice, controlled job against a dangerous returner.


Colt McCoy – QB – I’ve mentioned McCoy’s slight build in previous reviews and his durability will be highlighted by his injury. Not enough here to do much with his stock, other than concerns over his durability.

Jordan Shipley – WR – when McCoy went down, I immediately thought it was a chance for Shipley as a senior to step up and help his new QB out. Just as I was ready to write him off at the half – he exploded and made several plays. He is very quick – making numerous double moves and getting open as a result. He did have two drops and catches most things in his body, which is a negative – but he does look a decent slot WR prospect.

Adam Ulatoski – OT – Ulatoski had a decent game – he wasn’t tested by top speed off the edge and as a result looked good. He did made a bad read and let a LB go untouched to the QB, but otherwise played well.

Chris Hall – OC – Hall was injured midway through the game, but struggled before he went out of the game. He’s not that quick, so struggled to get to the second level and also was over powered on more than once occasion.

Lamarr Houston – DT – Houston had another good game. He continues to be able to disrupt with quickness off the ball and also shows good strength to get off blocks and make plays. He uses a swim move with good results and shows stack and shed ability also. A very good prospect.

Sergio Kindle – OLB/DE – Kindle was matched up against a TE quite a bit in this often and won these battles comfortably – making several nice plays. Kindle is an explosive athlete, but also shows football intelligence to read plays such as a naked bootleg, where he kept contain, got off a block and made the play. His off the field troubles will be the main consideration for anyone interested in a fine player.

Roddrick Muckelroy – MLB – Muckelroy did OK in this one, but did miss a few tackles as he struggled with Ingram’s power. Was able to get off blocks at times, but not consistently. Looks more of a WLB prospect.

Hunter Lawrence – PK – had one short field goal and also a 42 yarder, which he made comfortably. Looks a good prospect, but as he doesn’t kick off we’ll need to check that out in the post season.

Prospect of the Week: Sergio Kindle – OLB/DE – Texas (ignoring off the field concerns)

Later Round Prospect of the Week: Sean Allen – C – East Carolina

Thanks to those who have read the reviews all year - and thanks to Draft Daddy for linking the reviews in their blog.

Hope to have a Shrine game review a little after that plus some Combine notes when I can get hold of the numbers - and then top 5's by position.
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