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Originally Posted by Lonestar1963 View Post
IF we take Ramsey is it a good idea to have 2 players as safety/db? combo?
This is my only concern with Ramsey. Are Bryon Jones and Jalen Ramsey both better safeties than corners? Is Jalen Ramsey the best corner in the class? Is Byron Jones a better corner than the rest of the corners in this class? Is Jalen Ramsey a huge upgrade over Byron Jones as a safety? is it better to have 2 players with clearly defined roles? It poses so many questions.

The danger is, like you say, perhaps you end up with 2 'jack of all trades' players rather than a 'master' safety and a 'master' corner.

I think they are both better safeties than corners, at this stage anyway. That said people will preach versatility, which is understandable. Plus if you lose one to injury the other can just step right in at whichever position you feel is more valuable.
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