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I just don't see any way A new stadium gets built within San Diego itself. The local politicians are virtually unilaterally hostile to the idea so I think the only real alternatives are in Oceanside and the like. The Convention Centre plan seems like a good compromise, but I'm not certain the lack of will on the behalf of the politicians isn't just outright disdain for the franchise and not just reservations over spending public money. This has been going on for over ten years and there's not been one single inch of tangible progress.

I'm not sure if that utter mad woman is still hanging around. Can't recall her name, but her stated goal was to boot the Chargers out of SD completely and turn the facility into a public park as that was the only appropriate us of the land as far as she was concerned. Yep, forget the fact the Chargers employ a not insignificant number of local people and generate millions of dollars in revenue, lets give everyone yet another public park.

SD won't realise what they have until it's gone. The NFL wont go back to San Diego once it leaves, so they really ought to be getting their crap together and working this out. The Padres got a brand new stadium right in the middle of town, yet they truly are one of the MLB's cheapskate franchises, barely anyone attends the games, and there's no way they contribute as much to the local coffers as the Chargers. Guess there must be baseball fans within local government.

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