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Default Re:The official Jacksonville Jaguars thread

[quote author=Matt the Jag link=board=1;threadid=11628;start=15#msg258532 date=1121980831]
[quote author=JDV link=board=1;threadid=11628;start=15#msg258527 date=1121980649]
Yeah unlike the rcb battle :-\

Hayword looked good in spring practices but what can you tell from spring practices.

I was sure there were more Jags fans than this, me and you Matt we'll make this as popular as the AFC North thread all we need is to not sleep in a week

Edit - it seems your a faster typer than me

I thought there was someone called owain around before! not sure if he still is ???
Ha no sleep i dont think so lol but will try my best

I remember seeing him around but havn't seen him since the draft. There is also a lass called JaguarSpirit that joined not long ago. I'll pm so they no this cool thread exsits 8)
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