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Originally Posted by King Riggins View Post
Wasn't too sure where to post this so this thread will do.

Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter 19h19 hours ago
Montreal WR Duron Carter, son of HOF WR and ESPN analyst Cris Carter, is closing in on an agreement with the Indianapolis Colts.

Don't know too much about him but after reading a lot of tweets it seems this guy has the potential to be amazing, plenty of happy fans & a lot of Vikings fans disappointed they didn't get him.

On the one hand I like that we're now making moves like this, seems like he has a lot of potential to develop into a good receiver. But at the same time apparently (though I haven't really looked in to it) there are some off field concerns with him.
One of the things that's bothering me about the Colts at the minute is the amount of off field issues that are happening. It's hard to fully get behind a team who, in the last three years, has had more off field issues than I can even care to remember. Multiple PED suspensions, an owner driving whilst drugged up, Josh Mcnary arrested on suspicion of ****, multiple DUI arrests, Xavier Nixon missing the plane ride to foxborough, Trent Richardson being suspended for "personal reasons" and now D'qwell Jackson apparently assaulting a pizza delivery guy.

Maybe I'm looking through rose tinted glasses, but I don't ever remember this much crap happening under the Polians and Caldwell/Dungy.
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