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the good

Blount - good to see the power game working when we force teams into nickle type coverages.just needs to be healthy come january

Gronk - just too good,unfair trying to watch teams figure out how to cover him

the front 7 - not a scheme where we blitzed a lot but when Bell got the ball on runs or check-downs it was thankfully not a repeat of the Bills game with missed tackles.

the bad

fumbles - against a full steeler team them turnovers could have costs us the game

kicking game - 2 touchbacks and the missed PAT.we have the players and coaches who can sort through these atleast.I know people a worried but think he just needs to get back to basics.Have faith

the ugly

the officials - seemed to call a load of offensive holding on both teams that killed alot of drives.2 good teams so why not let them play

steelers injury list - reminds us all how a january play-off run can be as much down to health as anything,last year it was pretty much an injury every game after the half way point.

Jordan Richards - the new Tavon Wilson,inactive yesterday and on the season has less defensive snaps(not special teams just defence) than Nate Ebner.

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