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Good Lord that was the worst display I have seen in ages. Previously we were bad, because we were a bad team with no talent. In the space of two weeks we have gone from looking like a good team that had a bad game, to bad team that flukes a couple of good games.

The offence is littered with injuries, best WR out, another likely to go on IR today, two out of our three Running Backs injured (one for the season). Starting LT on IR, back up LT on IR. One TE on IR, then other out last night with a knee injury. We are having to sign people of the street just to get 53 on the roster.

However there's not much wrong with the Defence. Yes a couple are carry knocks, but every teams has them and Ramsey looked far too lame on one leg last night in the second half to be kept in the game.

Next up the Texans and their mobile QB who will no doubt run all over us. I have no idea where our next win is going to come from.

Bizarrely thought with the scum losing last night we are still join first in the Division. However if we lose to the Texans next week our season is pretty much over.

Might be another long day at Wembley too.
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