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Lee, that's very sporting of you to say! It's tough because this isn't the first time a game has gone that way for us, so who know's what would have happened. Sure, the way Locker et al were playing was definitely leading us to the W, but the game is played over 4 quarters, not two and in the end Browns offence took their chances and in my opinion if they didn't win they would have been unlucky.

Our DB situation is horrible at the moment. No one is going to convince me that Sensebaugh or Wreh-Wilson are NFL-standard CB's. They get out-muscled and miss open-field tackles ALL the time. It's embarrassing.

It's as simple as this. We have a core of receivers that any team in the NFL would snap up, and add into the mix Delanie Walker, Taylor Thompson and DMC, we have numerous play makers in the pass game.
On the ground, I believe Greene has been a top guy. He's a battering ram RB, but that can't be sustained for 40+ snaps a game so Sankey needs to step up (which, Whizz said he would be) and we need to re-establish that run game.

I just don't know where to start in fixing this team! I still believe in Locker - he show's moments of brilliance then does things a freshman college QB wouldn't even do. However, people saying he's made of glass is a load of rubbish. The guy extends the plays, rightly or wrongly, with his feet and takes hit after hit - he's a tough SOB.

Today, the play calling I think killed us. That 4th down call for the QB sneak was outrageously bad and in general the abandonment of the run game when the back-up was in! What the hell is that about!!? You go run heavy if anything.

Bottom line: We're not going to make any dramatic roster moves this season, so for me I'd like to see the re-emergence of the old school Tennessee Titans ground and pound run game. Our D are fierce enough to beat up on teams and our offence just needs to put it on the board.

What's everyone's thoughts? Let's try and stay constructive, if at all possible.
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