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Default ESPN Keepers League - 1 player wanted

Hi all, looking for a player who wants to join this league. It's a 12 Team Keepers League with 6 IDP's as well, in it's 2nd year and quite an active league with managers playing the full season. It's also an Auction Draft rather than a Snake: if you haven't played one before, each player is auctioned with the highest bidder winning. ESPN takes care of it all and it's pretty easy to pick up. It makes for a fun draft day and also (in my opinion) a more skillful way of ending up with a team.

The available team currently has Julio Jones, Stefon Diggs, Jarvis Landry, Delvin Cook, Derrick Henry and a host of top IDP talent including Jadeveon Clowney, Jalen Ramsey and Melvin Ingram. It's not a bad side. Each team has a maximum of 4 Keepers.

Anyway, please post any questions or PM me if you'd like to join.
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