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Originally Posted by lee harris 10 View Post
with how great Donald is surely this is a game for the QB to get the ball out of his hands quickly which doesn't seem to be a what Prescott is best at.

the Rams have the CB to cover Cooper 1 on 1 which could mean plenty of chances for the Rams to get QB hits/sacks as Prescott tries to find other targets.

think the Rams get up 14 early and then it will be a blow out as the Dallas run game gets taken away.
Dak isn't great against pressure. He's a tick slow to process everything that's going on.

His best bet might be Beasley, even though he's a bit banged up, or even Blake Jarwin who is also banged up. Not sure how great the Rams are in the slot? Guessing that's Joyner most of the time, and they tagged him not too long ago so he can't be too bad.

Just have to hope the Rams get too aggressive on D and get burned once or twice.
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