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Originally Posted by duesouth10 View Post
I've spent a lot of hours on here over the years - lots of Draft talk (no archive means my misses will be lost for all time - shame ) and a whole bunch of intelligent and passionate British fans of this wonderful sport. As many have said, it's not a surprise to see this go - but if NFL (UK) put a bit into it, I do think it would still have a place.

When I started posting on here many years ago, I was an NFL Draft fan. I grew up a big soccer fan. My Dad's a Southampton fan and I've followed (thanks, Dad ). We would often go to youth team games and always enjoyed watching players like Shearer and Matt Le Tiss come through. Getting into the game in the 80's, the concept of the Draft seemed brilliant to me - I mean the worst team gets the best player - superb! So when ITV showed those one hour college football highlights at 3 a.m. when I was 16 or 17 - it was an easy step to watch these players and then follow them into the league (I think the first two were Keith and Kerry Cash of Texas - and an Ole Miss safety whose name escapes me). I've gone through a lot in terms of following the Draft. I was just a fan, then I won a blog post on here (my dog's still got the Tampa Bay Bucs football I won!) and the Football Diner asked me to write for them. That led to my current gig and beating the big boys Kiper, McShay and Mayock in the top 100 competition. So, this place was my start and it's been a shame to see it become a shell of what it was. For all those who've been around a long time, do drop me a comment or two every now and again over at NFL Draft Line.

I've seen a lot over the years of following this sport in this country. Channel 4 with an interesting cast of presenters, the World League, NFL Europe, pulling out of that to some wilderness years for the sport - and now a semi-recovery with regular season NFL games the new norm. I wouldn't consider making this sport super-popular in this country as easy. It almost always feels like we are stuck explaining how many downs there are for new fans, but not catering for the bridge between new and super-knowledgeable fan. That's where I would see a place like this helping - people can ask questions and get helpful replies. NFL (UK)'s role has long been critiqued - it's easy to take a shot at them, and I've been as guilty as anyone over the years. I love this sport and have got so frustrated at some of the non-/decisions. Right now, it seems like the focus is to fill Wembley for each game over here and that's about it.

As a hobby writer, OK a serious one (just ask my missus how much time I spend on the Draft - actually don't ), I would have loved to get some support from NFL (UK). A look at a few of my articles from one of their writers over the years and some suggestions for improvement - put me in touch with a coach for a little technical advice - maybe see I'm doing well in the top 100 contest and get me to write an article or two (I wouldn't have charged a penny). Nothing. Not one thing. There have been lots of others who've done a bit of writing over the years, and I would imagine it's the same story with them. A lot of them don't write any longer - for all I know many of them don't follow the sport. It's great to see someone like Liam writing some Draft stuff - NFL (UK) need to see someone like him and give him a little support and encouragement.

Anyway, just my 2p. All the best for the future to all the people on here who I've talked Draft with. And watch out for Jerry Jeudy - kid can play!
I know exactly what you mean about those of us who enjoy our writing, DS. Seem to remember many years ago when the forum had a different layout, it included a "blog" section - there was quite a few people writing interesting pieces on a regular basis. Probably very true that we all have experienced nothing when trying to engage with NFL UK with regards to writing stuff. Some who would often post pieces I haven't seen here for years - incidentally, going through old threads and seeing familiar names has been a little nostalgic.

Just keep doing what you're doing with NFL Draft Line. Always heaps of interesting and informative work on there. (And thanks for the kind words by the way!) I'll be carrying on too!

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