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The biggest concern with Collins could be his transition from left to right. He spent his college days at LG then LT, and then back to LG as a Cowboy too. Think about it, his body has developed to play 'left handed', his pass protection has been 'left handed', his thought process has been 'left handed'. Now he's having to over ride all of that to play on the right side. It might mean he's quite solid dealing with inside moves, but his kick-slide and hand placement might be awkward on the outside. Maybe that's too simplistic a view but I think Collins is in for a rocky ride this season.

As for 4 backs, if Zeke is suspended then they won't have to worry about that until Zeke returns. They can keep DMAC, Alf and Rod Smith. Special Teams comes into it, but I'd sooner keep 4 RB's than 3 and a FB (Keith Smith). I just think with our offense a FB is redundant.
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