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Trading up into round 1 would ruin the Cowboys. No way that's happening. If they can move up a few spots by giving up a late 4th, or even jump up a bit further using #90 but get something back in return like a 5th or 6th I could see that.

I don't see them adding another late round QB. They have Cooper Rush, and added Mike White last year. 2020 is more likely to be the year they change things up at back up QB if Rush or White haven't shown anything. They might bring in a veteran, but that's an added expense they could do without. Imo it's not worth it, especially with Kellen Moore and Jon Kitna onboard.

I can see a RB at #90 tbh. A quality RB that is insurance against an injury to Zeke, and also a little bit of a bargaining chip when Zeke's contract is up for renewal.

I can see Taylor Rapp disappearing before our very eyes in the 47-57 range sadly. Although I've started to get my hopes up that Rapp or even Adderley could fall to 58. That would be perfect! (then they'd go and select someone else! - they never draft who you want them to!)
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