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Dallas Cowboys 2019 Draft Class:


1:27: *TRADED* Amari Cooper, WR. Oakland
2.58: Trysten Hill, DT. UCF
3.90: Connor McGovern, G. Penn State
4.128: Tony Pollard, RB. Memphis
5.158: Michael Jackson, CB. Miami (FL)
5.165: Joe Jackson, DE. Miami (FL)
6.213: Donovan Wilson, S. Texas A&M
7.218: Mike Weber, RB. Ohio State
7.241: Jalen Jelks, DE. Oregon

Why is it you spend years wanting the Cowboys to spend their first pick of the Draft on a DT, then the year they actually do you think it's a mistake? Maybe it's a little different because it was pick 58, and you're aren't going to land an Ed Oliver type late in the 2nd round, but it just feels like they've added a less than perfect player at a very important position.

Going off on a tangent for a moment, I think without the Amari Cooper trade last season we would've been in a prime position to add Ed Oliver in this Draft. The Cowboys were heading for a top 10 pick before the Amari's addition helped turn things around.

Back to reality though. They said they feel better about Safety than the general perception, and there was an obvious need at DT, but passing on Rapp and Adderley at 58 is hard to swallow. I think either sets the Cowboys up long term at Safety. Rapp is more of a box Safety, but a very smart, very reliable box Safety. Adderley is more an interchangeable Safety, he's billed as a Free Safety but he's not afraid to hit. Instead the Cowboys took Hill at 58 and a S (Donovan Wilson) at 213. I wonder if they'd been better served addressing those needs in reverse order?

It's hard to truly tell what's happening from a muted video feed of the Cowboys War Room, but I really felt like they would've taken Damien Harris at 90 if the Pats hadn't swooped in for him at 87. Connor McGovern seems like a solid pick and one that makes a lot of sense for 2020, but with the Cowboys about to start dishing out some serious contracts the 2019 Draft feels like it should've been about.....2019. They hadn't had much contact with McGovern by all accounts. Harris on the other hand was a '30 visit', and Stephen Jones didn't look overly impressed around the time Harris came off the board either. Damian Harris would've been the perfect back up to Zeke, and if heaven forbid anything happened to Zeke then the wheels wouldn't have fallen off the offence. It's all hypothetical of course because the Cowboys never got the chance to find out.

That put even more pressure on acquiring Tony Pollard I guess, because pick 128 seemed a little early to make that move. No one knows if the Cowboys had an interest in CB Isaiah Johnson (Houston) as some have suggested, but I for one think they did. Stephen Jones said they lost out on a couple of targets and that's why they traded back from 136. Well if you look at who went between 128 (the Pollard pick) and 136, logic suggests they had their eye on either Johnson, Notre Dame LB Drue Tranquill, and/or DE John Cominsky. The Raiders, Pats and Rams had already taken a RB, so I think they could've landed Pollard at 136 and the player they had their eye on at 128. Again, we'll never know one way or the other.

The trade back from 136 did land them Joe Jackson, Donovan Wilson, and Mike Weber, so perhaps it'll work out in the end. Looking at the roster and the numbers game though it's hard to see a roster spot for some of these picks come September.

In reality, looking back over the Draft if they really wanted a 3 technique DT then pick 58 was the spot to do it. Athletically Hill was probably the best choice too. It's just a shame it cost them a really good Safety in the process, but you can't have them all.

I can't see this being a memorable Draft Class, but maybe Hill and McGovern paired with Amari Cooper will give the Cowboys 3 starters by 2020. 3 starters from a Draft Class is nothing to complain about, in fact its probably above average.

Time will tell.

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