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Have a go at putting together your ideal Draft now we know where everyone went. There is a thread 'Your 'what if' Draft'. It's good fun, and gives you a better understanding of the depth in the Draft and perhaps why the Cowboys did what they did.

As for Safety - Yes, it was really tough to see them pass on Rapp and Adderley. When you look at the roster though, and if you think Xavier Woods is your long term answer at FS, then I can see why they did. George Iloka isn't a world beater, but he's a veteran they've added to the mix at SS too.

That said, I think you at worst Rapp or Adderley would have made for a very good 3 man rotation at Safety, or sometimes you could even have found a way to get 3 safeties on the field at once.

I think it's either another case of Rod Marinelli not seeing the value in the position, or the Cowboys/Marinelli/Richard just didn't think they (Rapp/Adderley) were the perfect fit. Probably the latter.
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