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Default Re:the BENGALS thread

Palmers Injury made me feel sick for days. But after a few weeks of therapy im okay, Im sure he will come through in time for the start of next season ( or i hope ) i imagine Kitna is gonna get snapped up by another team and by the sounds of things we are looking to bring in Matt Schaub as our backup or potential starter of Palmer isn't ready.

As Far as Palmers Contract, I think its great, we have paid most of the money in the 1st few years of his contract ( as we have the spare cap at the momment ) and if he recovers from his injury im sure he will be a great QB for years to come.

As for the Team in general. Almost all our starters / stars are all signed up for years to come, so touch wood we are looking set to make some Superbowl runs in the following years. We just need a few upgrades on Defence, Saftey / Dline and we should be okay.

thats my 2cents worth for now 8)
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