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Actually I think it's Cousins who is stalling on signing a long term contract and not the Redskins. He knows he's guaranteed to earn another $24m in addition to the $20m from last season, and he also knows the Redskins can't afford to franchise tag him again in 2018 as it would cost them $34.5m, virtually guaranteeing he becomes a free agent next season. In fact I think he's very happy to walk away with $44m over two years and then hit the open market next year when teams could bid against one another for his services.

That would allow a team with tons of cap space, a dire need at QB and a coach that knows him well (and we all know who that team is) to perhaps make a long term offer to Cousins that he simply can't refuse.

The Redskins could use to protect themselves by using the non exclusive franchise tag or the rarely used transition tag. This would allow Cousins to negotiate with other teams and sign an offer sheet that would at least give the Redskins a few days to consider matching or declining it.

If they decide to decline, and I think deep down the Redskins know already they wouldn't be able to match any offer sheets in 2018 if the contract is front loaded, they can collect draft compensation instead.

Cousins holds all the cards here and both sides know it. Le'veon Bell is in no rush either apparently to sign before Monday's deadline. Bell knows he's guaranteed to be the highest paid RB in the NFL with the franchise tag and could then hit the open market next March if the Steelers don't tag him for another $16m.

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