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Originally Posted by olig23 View Post
The answer is you meander along forever with average QB play, until you get a chance to draft a guy you like more. The Eagles got that, and made their move. The Chiefs have this year too. But some teams are solid enough that they never are forced to move on. Like Baltimore, Chicago up until last year, etc.

Regardless, Cousins has been anything but mediocre.

There is a line, of course. Bradford is around that line. As is Alex Smith.

Smith works because as Jim Harbaugh realised, you build a great D, strong O-line and rushing offence. But he can't take the lid of the opposition D - that's a limiting factor. So they took a flyer on Kaep, because he could hit the down field ball. He's proven to be worse than Smith. But I get why they tried it out.
I think my line of thinking is how you would play Madden, not in the real world.

QB's have so much leverage. More than any other position in sports possibly.

He is probably asking for a humongous, long term deal. Their hope will be he doesn't regress....Then you've got a cap sapping contract to deal with.

He was third in passing yards during regular season last year. 3 in completions as well.

So yes I am being harsh I think. And he may not be the Redskins problem.
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