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The only thing that makes sense to me is that Cousins doesn't want to sign.

As Bo said, $44m over 2 years is pretty appealing. Personally, were I in the Redskins front office, I'd have paid him what he wanted when he asked for it last year. By Franchising him instead he still gets paid rather well and, on the premise he has even a half decent year, he signs a contract with someone else for this season. What's the going rate for even a half decent starting QB?

As it was, he played better than that last season and so can afford to play on the tag again, it being a nice big number anyway and his value to the market next year, even if this year is crap, is still high. Whats the going rate for a QB who played pretty well the year before last and had a crap year on a poor team this season?

Cousins wins every which way and there's some respect to the man for having the stones to bet on himself. Personally I put this down to Front Office incompetence, plain and simple.
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