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Originally Posted by olig23 View Post
It terms of the "traditional stats" I agree.

However, if you have Gamepass, go watch the first four games of this season with the Titans. He's poor. doesn't really show up on the stat line, but he's poor. He was great at times too. But it's that inconsistency he needs to iron out. And not all players improve as we are often led to think they do. So he's got thing to prove.

With that said, I am not saying Mariota or Winston are bad. I like Mariota a lot. I just think we treat them differently because of how they arrived in their respective roles.

Also, while we often site offensive "weapons" as support for good/bad QB play. I'd argue having a good D, and not playing from behind is a bigger factor. I think the skins D is meh to poor. The Titans meh to good.

It all comes out in the wash I think.
I'll point out now that I am very much in the camp of 'Washington should have signed Cousins to a deal last off season' so much of this is more theorising on the Redskins perspective.

As for, watch X games, Cousins final three outings last year were not his best. He threw for a lot of yards against Carolina and showed a real lack of authority in the redzone. This was reinforced against the Bears despite the win as 2 critical touchdowns came via his legs and then his two INTs against the Giants arguably cost them the game and a playoff berth.

(There is a player called Clayton Thorson (Northwestern) who I think may well be the QB to rise in this year's draft process. He reminds me massively of Cousins so I happen to have watched a few of his games recently)

Unfortunately for Cousins, people tend to remember a players final appearance opposed to the early ones which gives everything a slightly different slant. As undeserving as that may be.
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