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Favourite games have to be:

- Hoston Oilers v Buffalo Bills in the 92 playoffs.
- Falcons v Saints 91 playoffs
- Any Oakland game in 2003 season esp games against Pats and Denver (both games).

I remember that Falcons/Saints Play-off game in 91. Having started to follow the NFL during that season, but with no particular team to support, I became hooked by the charismatic Deion Sanders and his fellow maverick CB Tim McKyer.
Followed the Falcons ever since that game.
Oh, and that Oilers/Bills game was an absolute stormer!.


I forgot about Tim Mckyer! Do you remember the touchdown Michael Haynes scored in that game too? Picked up the ball about the half way line and then just turned on the after burners in a one on one foot race with the Saints CB and left him trailing! I actually think that TD might have won the game in OT.

Michael Haynes also caught a hail mary pass that season to beat the 49ers in the last seconds of a game. That catch, it turned out, ended up getting them into the playoffs.


The Haynes catch was made with 2.41 left in regulation, a short pass from Chris Miller (remember him!), and indeed Haynes did turn on the burners for his score!. Saints that day had two soon to be Falcons on the roster, QB Bobby Hebert and Morten Andersen.

I actually have that game on video somewhere, Im going to have to dig it out! Would love to get it on DVD too.

Do you remember the Falcons in the MC Hammer video that year too for the song 2 Legit 2 Quit?! LOL

Haynes and Rison together were a great recieving duo. I think Haynes averaged about 20 yards a catch that season. His speed was scary! Although I think Dieon used to claim he could catch him in training even with a five yard start!

Wasn't MC Hammer a regular on the Falcons sideline during that period!!?. I was in the US in 1993 and got a Deion T-Shirt with his "You Gotta Believe" phrase on it, I think he had that on his bandana when they were allowed.
Do you remember when Deion came back to the Dome with the 49ers and had a midfield "handbags" with Andre Rison!. ;D
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