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Default Re:Minnesota Vikings thread (Kings of the NFC NORSE)

I'm not giving up on EJ yet - a lot of the things he did were pretty bad, but he did do some good stuff as well it's just at times he didn't seem to "get it" - even after we simplified the playbook in week 10 or 11. Hopefully he'll spend the off-season studying film and schemes instead of getting into fights at clubs and come back next year an improved player.

Maybe losing his starting job will give a kick up the ass. How would anyone feel about maybe letting him battle DT for the wil position - coz Nattiel can't be far off getting cut.... can he ???

The Sharper rumour seems bizzare at best unless Cottrell's got his way and we're gone play plenty of 3-4 :-\

Hopefully Smith will be kept, as already said he was doing great when he was in but concussions are iffy injuries to have.

I think this is how our LB depth looks at the moment:

WLB: DT, Nattiel
MLB: Cowart, EJ, Davis
SLB: Harris, Smith
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