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Originally Posted by FallenFlyer View Post
Anyone else think its a little odd how down many analysts are on the Seahawks for next season?

On offence, we all know that we have O-line issues but we have seen with teams like the Cowboys that this is something that can be fixed (if only as an upgrade to average in many cases). Then we have Russell throwing the ball better than ever, 3 wide receivers (the emerging star that is Lockett, the hopefully resigned Baldwin and the injury return of Richardson) all giving the throwing game a major increase and Rawls who was better than Lynch last year.

On D, we're not looking at 2013 levels but the majority of the pieces will still be there with several second year guys looking to make a big impact.

On the whole, this looks really positive to me. Its certainly not going to be easy. There are a bunch of very good teams, especially in the NFC, but sleeping on the Seahawks just seems a little odd.
Not sure who you have been reading most of the power rankings I have seen have us about 3rd for 2016 which I reckon if anything is a little high.

The Panthers dominated things until the superbowl (other than taking their foot off the gas against the Falcons and after getting an insurmountable lead (just) in the first half against us.

The Patriots were decimated with injuries and still got to the championship game unless Brady's old age means his form falls off a cliff they will be contenders again.

I would put us on a par for 3rd with the cards with the Packers and Steelers close behind. I'm not sure about the Bronco's Ostweiler (assuming he is their QB) is fairly unproven and if Manning chooses to stay they are in a real mess as Brock will want to leave.

Our offensive line is a weakness especially if we don't have Okung or he gets injured again., Glowinski shows promise but even if we keep Okung I would like to see us use our first round pick or Free agency to improve there. Would we have any chance of getting Mitchell Schwartz (with Gilliam going back to LT)

Rawls was a phenomenon but you could like his performance to C.J. Anderson last year. He could be the best back in the league next season or he could be like CJ.

Agree with you that we have a decent receiving corps. With no dead money I don't think we need Graham who was a disappointment and Baldwin has become the end zone threat we got him for. I don't see that happening however. I'd like to see us keep Kearse but I don't think he will take the WR3 money that is all he is worth.

Pretty much agree with you on defence no longer the best in the league but easily in the top 5, probably top 3.

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