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Default A team each day

A team each day; or my way to waste 129 days before the new season.

I felt like getting to know some schools better, this won't be an indepth analysis of the team, the old USA Today style, just random (hopefully interesting) tidbits.

Let's start with the FBS's newest team, the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers

Location: Conway, South Carolina

What is a Chanticleer: The name given to a domestic ****, [edit:apparently I can't use the word ****, oh well, the next sentence makes it clear what the 4 stars mean] especially in fairytales. Was used to represent their association with the University of South Carolina, despite since becoming independent they decided not to change their name.

Conference: Sun Belt, starting 2017, were FCS independent in 2016, and members of the Big South Conference prior to that.

Head coach: Joe Moglia, 6th season.

Got into coaching after studying economics at Fordham, worked his way up from a high school assistant to the level of defensive coordinator at Dartmouth.

Decided that he wanted a career change in 1983, when he became a trader on Wall Street for Merrill Lynch. In 2001 he became the CEO for TD Ameritrade, where he oversaw record earnings performance for the company for 5 consecutive years.

Decided to get back into coaching after over 20 years, became HC for the Chanticleers in 2012.

Biggest achievements: 2 times FCS quarter finalists (2013 and 2014). 7 times Big South champions.

Most successful alumni: Josh Norman, 5th round draft pick, first team all pro.

Stadium: Brooks Stadium, capacity: 9,214, being expanded to 21,000 starting January 2017 (apparently a requirement of FBS membership is you must have an average attendance of 15,000)
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