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As I anticipated, any talk of a Superbowl is just blinkered and not looking at the quality in the NFL or our inability to avoid mishaps and errors.

We shoot ourselves in the foot constantly and I can't see any way that this will change for us. We are now 0-9 against Kansas in the last 4 and a bit years, what a ringing endorsement of our team.

Positives - Mike Williams looked like he can be a solid WR2. Derwin James will be a beast.

Negatives - How is Travis Benjamin on the roster? I have wanted him cut for a long time now - people say "he can get open, he has speed", it means nothing if he can't catch. Rushing Sturgis on the FG attempt late was poor coaching and has now gave Sturgis a miss on his record which could cause future woes.

Now everyone just expects us to thump the Bills because they got thumped yesterday. They will give Allen first team reps, and if we go in just "expecting" to win, then this could backfire spectacularly.

Being a Charger is so painful.

P.S - So embarrassing the pictures of the stadium being a sea of red. Spanos you can do one.
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