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Originally Posted by ccfcchris View Post
Honestly, based on what I have seen on the field the only 2 options that would be worth it are Kaepernick(off the field issue there) and AJ Mccaron, based on the rest of the team would be glad to give anything up to a second rounder for him.
which issue?
(so many issues to keep track of )

Originally Posted by lee harris 10 View Post
Think Norv Turner can get alot out if the right QB in his system,pointed out that Weeden and Hoyer have also played for him if we are kicking names around.

Kaepernick just looked awful last year and has and still has a expensive salary and alsi has an injury guarantee for his 2017 salary that will put teams off playing him unless he re-did his deal.
Weeden and Hoyer have been pretty bad the whole time, at least with Colin there might be some chance for him to become useable.
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