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If we get to the Superbowl with Sam Bradford I'd probably be happy to give them all our picks for the next 10 years....

Don't mind the player, do mind the price. It would suggest they have some serious concerns about Bridgewater's longevity now, but I'd be surprised if Bradford is the answer to any sort of long-term problem. I'd rather we'd tried to make do this year and then use that first rounder (either in position or via trade) to get someone in the draft if necessary, or at least wait for the offseason when the price on half decent QBs will have dropped somewhat. I suppose guys like Spielman can't afford to wait that long though as they've all got jobs that depend on the here and now. I suppose the one thing you would say is that whilst it's certainly never a good thing to not have a first round pick at your disposal, we are probably one of the top 5 teams in the league who need it the least with the way our roster is set up.

It's kick started the season again though for sure, feels again now like we have to make the playoffs to justify it.
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